The Good Life?????

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yes! I've got one :-)
Thank you to mum, for her contribution! Part Christmas part Birthday present!

Managed to find one in Focus relatively cheap. Frame is all up, just awaiting the glass to arrive now, should be here on the weekend!

Expands my growing possibilities a fair bit, also will make it easier to start off plants in pots.
Not exactly sure what I'm going to grow in there yet, definitely tomatoes, but as it's not a big greenhouse (6ftx6ft) I'm going to have to be selective on what else goes in.

Broad Beans are up, a few haven't, but the majority have.

Best new of all is I'm coming home on Friday for good, so the season starts proparly this weekend... lot's of seeds I need to start!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Finished getting the patch ready on the weekend.... all turned over, manure dug in and all ready to go!

Got my potatoes in, 1 1/2 rows of both first earlies and main crop.

Celeriac, celery and cauliflower seeds all doing fine under my makeshift cold frame.

Not sure about my broad beans.... still no sign of them, so I dug one up just to check and it had certainly grown, but not enough yet.... if there is still no sign of them this weekend I think I'll buy another pack and replant them

Thursday, March 08, 2007

All the seeds I put in came up and I've now transplanted them into individual pots and put them under my home made cold frame.
Put my Broad Beans in on the 26/02..... bit worried about the amount of rain we've had since then, hopefully they should be ok, will find out tomorrow!

Got the manure 2 weeks ago as well, dug that into the ground, going to try and sort out a few trenches this weekend for my potatoes, peas, calliflower and runner beans.