The Good Life?????

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Long time no speak!

Potatoes are nearly all used up now, keep putting off using my last lot!! Going to have to grow more next year, a crop of both 1st and 2nd earlies I think.

Peas are coming now, I've been taking a few off just to eat in the garden, but haven't quite had enough ready for a meal out of them yet.

Cabbage etc is getting eaten by something.... birds? Cabbage Whites? I've put some netting over them now, will see how they does.

Broccoli is very odd.... I keep waiting for a floret to grow to a decent size, but they keep going to seed before I can eat them?

Beans have flowers.
Thinned my carrots out yesterday, seem to be comming along well.

Started building the base for my greenhouse, looking forward to getting that up. The tomatoes are doing quite well outside though.