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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A New Year, a new start

Last year in the garden was a bit of a washout, for various reasons. Some things went well, broad beans in particular, but I let the garden get away from me for a while and never got round to catching up with it, so this year I'm determined to start afresh.
First thing I've done it split up my veg patch a bit, by putting a path through it. This has cut down on growing space, but it looks a lot better already. Also I think it's going to be a lot more manageable.
And I've decided that the extra patch I created last season isn't the best idea at the moment, so going to turf that (after digging up the turf last year!!!) and grow some fruit trees there. An apple tree defiantly, not decided on the other one though.

So, the patch has been dug over, I've put some good compost into one "plot" ready to plant my broad beans this weekend. Need to collect and dig in some manure to the rest of the plots now.

This year, I'm planning on growing;

Plot 1 - Potatoes (first early), Garlic, Onions
Plot 2 - French Beans, Runner Beans, Broad Beans
Plot 3 - Leeks, Cabbage, Spinach, Sweet corn
Plot 4 - Parsnips, Carrots, Celeriac.
Greenhouse - Tomatoes, Cucumber, Chilli

The French beans are (hopefully) going to grow up and over some hazel arches I'm going to put together to go over one of the paths. Saw it in the National Botanic Gardens in Carmarthen and it looked very good indeed.

We went away on holidays in January and when we were away one of them got killed by a ferret. When I returned the ferret was back in the run, looking to attack the other 2, so I shot it. The remaining 2 are fine now, didn't even stop laying. Don't think much upsets them!

So now we have 2 chickens again and it's the original 2! Don't think I'll bother buying expensive chickens again!

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